Seoul searching season 3

My third time in Seoul and this city never fail to  amaze me with its traffic,  smiles and I always make new friends in Seoul :) .The ladies at my hotel are not only beautiful, but  genuinely kind.
Oh ! also thanks so much to people at KL 's airport lounge for a brilliant service yesterday.I felt at home an I watch a bit of avatar, because it seems like I am the only person that haven't watch them.They said they will be reading my blog , so... here's for you guys , for Malaysia's hospitality at it's best.
Weather in Seoul is 10 degrees celcius and I , Azura is about to be taken out  for  a lush lunch by my host and meeting to schedule our modus operandi.

Below are the things I had  eaten during my first 3 hours in Seoul.  
1.Cod soup(very good, pure broth, fantastic fumet)
2.Vegetable porridge(reminds me of  my mum's rice porridge cooked only when I am down with tonsilitis)
3.Some coffee with French pastries and cookies because my room was not available till noon,they gave me some sweet to avoid  my bitterness

Not in the picture: koko pops and pineapple as in the fruit


TK said…
Hi Chef!Thank you for the mother's day wish! I appreciate it so much. I see that you are in Seoul again. Jealous ni... I remember when I was in Seoul I only had maggi which I brought from Malaysia and we had rice at the Pakistani restaurant near the mosque in Itaewon. I think the Nasi briyani in Itaewon tastes better than the one we have in Malaysia. The food at their night markets looks so yummy!!!Have a good time in Seoul!
Anonymous said…
i miss you sayang, pls take care..and always be happy