I am a chef, but this ain't a food blog

How do I know that Sayangku Azura , my blog s still "IN" it's because... I got at least 8 spams per day.
So this is a massage for my spammers,"named and shamed" is my next solution , Let’s take my wave in this picture as a silent warning.

I will be off to a land far far away next week, and i will keep you updated on my new adventure.

Recently there are way too many things happened to me ... but that’s pretty usual because amazing things always happen to me.Just so you know that even when you are far from me, you are always in my heart .When I am on my way to my destination I will definitely miss my quality time with my mother at Madam Kwan while sipping my favourite curry laksa, but that’s life...you need to work and my job is great !

I will speak to you when I come back .

Oh! before I forgot.. Happy Birthday to Thierry a.k.a YELLOW my dearest friend who is always there for me when I am sad and stand far away smiling to see me happy.I am so glad that we are friends .I am sorry I could not make it to your bash as I am catching my plane, BUT you never know who will give you a surprise visit one of these days.For you guys who is in Langkawi, visit my friend’s cafe called Yellow cafe in Pantai Chenang apart from him being a great guy , which is one of the reason to be there, He serves good food and good ambience.I certainly miss my friends in Langkawi.

But I will surely find some time to pop by for a visit and we all can get together again.