Clogged pore, cooking in Singapore... and loving it !

Just when you thought that your life is pale , suddenly streaks of vivid ribbons emerged out of nowhere and it whispered into my ears ...!!!

You have no idea what kind of fun I had in Singapore while on a business trip , i find the energy that I have is just .... amazing.It was a bit sad also as my big bosses from Italy could not make it due to the flight cancellations from Europe to my continent.But that won’t stop me to go on with what we had planned.The Food and Hotel Asia marked a new chapter into my career, just like my visit to Milan it actually rekindle my friendship with people I have not met in 10 years, Ameer, Sharizan, Timothy people who was there when I first started my cooking career, in Ameer’s case when I first stepped into the first hotel, yes first interview at The Four Seasons and there he was my new friend and we are still friends till now.It is also beautiful to meet new friends and to make new friends they all made me feel so welcome and that experience in Singapore is something that I will never forget for my entire life.

In this week I will be doing lots of trips all over Asia, at my firm we believe in honesty that’s why they sent me allover to demonstrate before the dealers and professionals that sous vide is a method that is honest and easy to be implemented in professional kitchen.I love working for honest people and loathe working for cunning ones , yes I had experience working for employer who lied to me and trust me , people who owe us will never be happy ....they end up being humiliated or even worse getting a heart disease! Well that was just an example. So the morale is be a good employer and your staffs will love and respect you and will never take your establishment for granted.
with my  new friend, Bala  of Al Tazzaq' restaurant

Back to Singapore, I was there wit a huge zit on my cheek , I don’t know why I have always got clear skin and suddenly when I am almost hitting my wisdom age , here comes a volcanic mountain on my right cheek! What was that all about?I am at the biggest Food and Hotel exhibition in Asia where everyone can see me?LIFE is indeed unfair sometimes.It’s ok my zit is all gone by now.

I am still recovering from one week in Singapore, who would have thought that anyone could have so much fun ....working? strange but true.I love my job 
Look! Who was at Apollo’s banana leaf restaurant down Little India


Anonymous said…
forgive others but not yourself...................................................