Mentari  di Seoul

This is my second time in Seoul , this city is amazing , although I was there both times for work assignments and did not get that much chance to explore it , I was glad to be there for the second time, the friendliness of people at Seoul Plaza and being able to have a mini stop by at the nearby ancient Deoksu Palace just before I left had made my visit a beautiful one.

I had dinner at one of the restaurant at Euljiro area, I have problem remembering Korean names , therefore I forgot the name of the restaurant but I must say that the owner was very thoughtful when I said that i like Gaeran Jim my favourite Korean dish and asking if the restaurant has it while flipping through the menu , he quickly called his wife and she made it for me !I think that was so sweet and I will never forget that.

The adventure that I had in Seoul was great too, one evening out , I saw many drunk citizens and I had never seen that much drunk people in my life, doing air bowling , air basketball (I was wondering ... why no Ice skating mimics from this drunkards since Kim Yu na ? the beautiful Korean figure skater won gold at the winter Olympics at that very time?)I wanted to capture these people’s picture but I respect their privacy and it’s unfair to take other’s intoxicated pictures.

Seoul brings me so much happiness!

A cream puff a  day keeps the  girl happy.


waliz said…
like your new hairstyle..comel!
jaruwan said…
Its very excited to visited and read articles on your blog.
Lorenzo said…
I noticed your new hairstyle right away! You look awesome!!