Jakarta... just as it is

Dear blog,

Recently, I was in Jakarta on business and no doubt I had a good time.Meeting friends old and new tasting food so good that I ate like it is the last day I’m on earth.Business was good too.

My life when I was in Jakarta was filled with buntut ( ox tail in English , bum/ass /backside in Malay)

Anyway since I like them backsides I end up staying late at the hotel’s famous ‘buntut buffet’.

I am lucky lately that when I’m at a hotel everyone is nice to me, none of those attitude , snobbish appears lucky me.

Ain’t it funny

When I arrived I shared a car with a banker as we feel that it is better to share a car as the traffic is bad and the cheffeur of the hotel can take us straight.As the black C200 slide on a rainy evening , I have started to feel that this will be a good visit.So Dr M , left as soon as we were checked in to the hotel as he had a meeting, we shook hands and that was the last time I saw him , But hopefully we will see each other again in Shanghai, travellers on business often think alike , we wake up ,get dressed we go to the executive lounge to have our breakfast , being taken to our meeting(s) , come back late , shower , eat and SLEEP .For travellers on business expecially when they come with their work mates , they would go out have a beer or just like one of my friend pick up girls, dancing coming back to the room at 5 and wakes up at 7 again to go to work (WARNING:this kind of behavious is not acceptable , when you’re there to work under company’s expenses, you are required to work at your fullest , coolest , freshest)

I won’t talk about my friend here because this is my blog , I rather talk about me ..(remember it’s all about ME?)I met someone, Orlando bloom lookalike, I am not sure if i were hallucinating but in Jakarta we met coincidentally like 4-5 times.

First- At the garden in the morning , I need some fresh air after breakfast , thanks to one hour time difference , I was out filled with food in my tummy at 7 in the morning instead of 8, so I walked to the garden and there was a miniature of Borabodur that I find fascinating , with my heels and tailored work trousers suddenly Orlando (let’s just call him orlando)just emerged from the garden clad in all white gear walking towards me like a hero from a Bollywood movie.At 7.30? hello! Who would got up so early especially boys at this time?... there you go he wasn’t walking towards me he head straight to the stairs and turned his head smiling at me while nodding , You know one of those geroge Clooney nod-smile .

I kept my composure and just waited for the driver my host had sent to pick me up and 2. ) here he comes again this time in suit heading for work I guess, but my car was there and we just changed a stare.I am a girl , I just stared for 2 seconds and looked down just to make sure my heels are shiny and polished.

tugu monas

3rd, We met in Senayan which was about 2 hours away (traffic were bad at the time as they were a football fan who were dancing on the streets towards senayan).I can’t believe it , this guy is following me ? or is this fate, is this the matchmade in heaven everyone’s been talking about?We didn’t smile , I didn’t look back at him, I am just afraid, if I look at him or I smile or say hello we staying at the same hotel... what will it lead to?coffee? friendship? Dinner?I don’t know ...but also at that time I was meeting my friends who is a popular Chef in Indonesia.

4th time at breakfast the last day.i think he must have thought that I am a snob but what the heck, I think he is one too.Our table was next to each other and we just did not said anything...eating omelette as if the coincidences of stumbling each other very often at odd places and time were nothing ,Oh Orlando..you certainly forgot all the half smile, nods and eye contact we ‘ve made.You've changed

I can’t be bothered with boys , they are terrible.

I had a late checkout because I don’t want to stay at the airport for 7 hours, it’s silly and beside Suparman at the concierge told me there are nothing at the airport only overpriced batiks.

Guess who was there to have a late check out with me? Final time to see Orlando and we did not said anything.I suppose it was just a coincidence .he is just not that into me!
                                                                                           My average  breakfast

Until I get out of the building to get into my car and we started to drive away , You are not gonna believe this.. Orlando came out running , I saw him through the glass door from behind my Black camry’s window.Lucky the driver had a call from his wife at home wanting him to buy some bakso(Indonesian beef ball noodle soup) so we departed a minute late.

I can’t belief he came right to the screen and knocked it 3 times, It took me 7 seconds to actually press the button and bring the window down and he gave me his business card.Orlando (not real name , I can’t disclose it here) is currently in my contact list.

Coincidence? Yes? .


1)Sup Buntut is one helluva popular dish here, i will definitely post the recipe once I try the recipes.

The best was at Borobodur hotel

2)Oyster I am not being bias because my friend works here, but the pastas here were so good ,I had a dream about it.try their oasta with mussels and spicy basil ooommmpphh pa loonpa.

3.Fisherman Chinese food chain, for it’s scallop and prawn thing, it’s really good.

4.At the airport stick to eating from the chain shops... as the local booth are not as delicious or even worse would give you bad food.I had that experience and I don’t see any point of arguing with them and i don’t want to get a stomach ache.THE WORST BAKSO I HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

5.Kemang... for many bars and cafes that i could not even remember of what I had eaten there.

Remember when I told you that I did not want to wait for 7 hours at the airport?I ended up waiting for 8 hours and 50 minutes as my flight were delayed.Arrived home at almost 2 am to my mother’s delicious milo and hot dishes that delicious number one in this world .

I am tired and had been sitting in pyjamas all day eating , internet and sleeping.

I need to get back into my fitness , I need to go back to my spinning class urgently, after I come back from Seoul.I am flying there in few hours.

P/S: Oh , I want to openly say thanks to Gemma and Selvatore for being there and hugging me with their kind , sweet words when what they really want to do is smack me from my weird dream.My friends are awesome.