It's my town, Food town

It's my town... and it's all about eating and friendship, Gong Xi Fa Cai  to  all of my chinese friends and readers!

Where everybody knows your name...
When I fancy some oxtail soup( Only start to eat meat again after a long while)
or some good ol' hospitality, this is one place I go.Warm breadrolls,sizzling dish  and everything non fancy
Little things in life that I truly appreciate  :)

Lights coming out of dark clouds, it means a lot when  you feeling mellow  ha, ha
Poser me,just to check on myself once in a while
My brother Reza snapped this with his phone  on our way back home from dinner
He is one artist  that I adore and  respect and I wish  He knows that.

My chocolate pudding :) for an old photoshot
View from my verandah -the azure sky

My favorite lunch place offers set lunch where you get soup,  pasta and  this cute little tiramisu
at a reasonable price, I like going there for the food, ambience and how I been treated like a little princess
by Mark and the  staffs over there-P.S: Thank you  xxxx

My favorite  pasta in KL

Our old  friend Bill showing off his  prawn avocado salad and my former colleague ,  Darren(what a small , small world)
Love does taste sweeeetttt!!!!
tasted it and it's still in the back of my tongue

It's often chillax' with Mariana
                             the thing is we both are too bus with  work to hang out  often.
                    My chicken rice was 'huge' but being the campion I am ... I managed to finished it.

Lunch with mum at Madam Kwan ,I had nasi Bojari their signature dish -where we hang out  with The owner Madam Kwan herself.

Let me know  if you want any resturant advice/recommendation in KL or even South East Asia :)


Jo said…
this is making me hungry, wei...
Anonymous said…
you look sooo good sayang....
lupie said…
My, my, my!!!
Food galore ... !
Where's this pasta place again? Will certainly try it out once my appetite is back again!
Live Lupie, live ....
LC David said…
Nice food....
I like cooking...Memory Improvment Tips