For my love of my Samsung phone

Beautiful part of the city,I just love the bougainvillea shelter,protecting me from the sun and drizzles of rain accompanying my walk.

Old or new, you deserve to be loved.It's a beautiful building near
Kuala Lumpur's central market
Few people said  that I'm obsessed with
the sky.But the sky,Is just too beautiful, I can’t explain with words and only my photos are the proof  :)
I remember when Mum and i were struggling with this gigantic chocolate brownie a day before i head for Thailand.No matter what issue I would be struggling from time to time, mum will always be there for me to listen , offers love and later ask me to wake up, tell me to get up and reach for the sky. I don’t know what I would do without my mother.

My new friends in Makati! Shall we see each other again? You bet!

It was the motorbike fest at Siam paragon,I got hooked up with few riders! Just kidding , I made some riders from Taiwan who was fishing for some recipes from me at the food court.

 Thailand and it’s massage parlours.I do not want to make a public comment. SHUT UP

I was looking for halal vegetarian option restaurant at Suvarnabhumi airport, so i went for a bento box as it was only fish and vege at this place and NO... slow service and it wasn’t good at all.NOTE:Japanese food is all about fresh clean tasting, i wish I can say the same about this one
The reason I am glad to be home , there are always fun eating activities with my family or friends or BOTH. My former neighbour Malar and Thava took me and my brother to this place years ago, and we simply love this vegetarian restaurant , besides... we get VIP treatment there now.You not gonna believe how my tea was served in gigantic mug earlier.

Shaping and sharing onwards to victory...Yes I agree!

I snapped this after looking at a streak of cloud line made by an airplane that passed earlier...on my regular run with mum and brother

It gave me this new perspective on my view on how we think we live in the same city but we are still on the other side of the world? Like a fine line that can actually separates us or a line that actually don’t mean anything to us.Very philosophical...ha,ha or I am just being difficult again!

P.S:For those who could not see the line due to picture quality... well.. maybe a line that imperfects the sky don’t really matter at all!

These are some of the pictures that was captured by my beloved Samsung phone , Someone who was special to me , got it for me many years ago.It have been very loyal , making me doubt if I should really get a new blackberry.I know , it is just an object... but I truly appreciate the gesture and the phone.

I will be slow at updating Sayangku Azura in this coming weeks as my travel journey is packed starting Wednesday .But I will try to keep it going on my facebook page and twitter

Goodnight readers, wherever you are... have a great week ahead.

Saya sayang kamu,



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i will miss you sayang