Bangkok and me

everybody can fall in love at Lebua's sky bar- beautiful design

Coffee at my friend's cafe
Lunch at Lebua's poolside cafe
Blue elephant's class

Business as usual

Blue elephant the reknown cooking school

Chao Phraya at 6.30 am

my boudoir

my living  room at lebua

Bangkok traffic

Market dining


TK said…
Would love to go to Bangkok! I love Thai food so much! I especially love som tam, mee celup and tomyam. My hubby is a Kelantanis and I go to Golok or Takbai once in a while.I just love to go their market. Byk makanan n fruits.
頭昏 said…
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Anonymous said…
Hey Azura!
I'm so happy life is treating you so well. ;)
Have fun and enjoy your travels!
Liudmila said…
Hi, Azura, I'm very glad to see you ars splendid now! Great photos! I woul like to stay there too...
Mystique Earth said…
Hi Azazura,
That's a nice & photogenic look you have in the blue elephant class with that plate of food.