Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Surrounded by those I truly adore

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.

One Saturday afternoon , I have decided to meet my beloved friend for lunch.I have not seen her in ages and although that we both know that we live in each other’s heart like 1 soul in two bodies.I first met  Doctor  Sangeetha on my first day at school when I was 6 in a quaint little city where my late father was serving for few years.At that time Sangeetha was one of the reason to go to school we love doing the same activities and love eating same kind of food. First love is the correct word to describe my relationship with her,throughout boys, health and other issues we have definitely went through it all with grace.Eventhough we don’t speak to each other as much as we want to.I am so proud of my sweet Geetha she had alway been the smart one and the polite –soft spoken one I m not surprise of her success in  her career and personal life .I pray for her happiness... always and now that we are in the same city we have decided to catch up more often despite her busy work schedule as a Medical Doctor at a specialist hospital.So girl, as you and I eat alot shall we order a bigger portion of that delicious chocolate dessert next time?I’m sure our Chef Nik would be happy to hear that you love the little surprise under the chocolate volcano.

One beautiful Sunday afternoon, because I miss Mariana (who have not been well lately) and she misses me too , we have decided to go to the Pavilion for a quick cuppa.I really hope that she'll get better soon as after winning a world class design competition, all that I can foresee is her designing career going nowhere but skyrocketing UP so she needs all the energy from her magic hands to sketch beautiful buildings.Mariana is also someone I have known since I was a kid and someone I think the world of.Congratulations Mariana, I am so happy with your achievement and contribution towards design and restoration.

Mariana,Zai and Moi

With Christmas coming just One Night away... I am wishing those who celebrates it, A joyous one.

I am off for coffee and cakes at Zang Toi’s with my mother and I am excited to go and see Nik and gorgeous girl Yvonne tomorrow. :)

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