Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Today, is  the beginning of December which  is my unofficial New year.I start everything early and discussing  about work today  , I know January 2010 is not a month for me to start  slow  where usually I am always reflecting and  thinking about my achievement and  failure.This is the  time for me  to move  at a good phase and think positive. Check and balance,  I guess I am ok for 2009.Many things happened, bad or good they are all experiences that  taught me  to be stronger person .

Today, I  was out for a meeting and these people that I  met  were great   and professional , that is something I rarely  found  in my city.Anne and Mr Gill,Thank you very much for  being  awesome.I am honoured to be associated   with you both. :)

Today, I had a conversation with a friend in Switzerland  whom I have not met  in ages, we met in a very odd way and   hit it off straight away, , spoken to my   new best friend  who lately  have been working non stop and he is still waiting for his cooking gadget that i helped to order, I feel bad  for the late shipment , but hey sometimes people are just....not fast.

Today , I  spoke to another friend  who is creative in every way ,  we talk about  relationship  and  how men are all the same.I am amazed at the maturity of this young gentleman defending his gender(healthy debate!), and my only regret is not  trying to get to  really know him earlier, we  certainly need to catch up   for coffee

Today, work  went  great.

Today , I meet loads of new people like that funny cab driver who talks  funny and  a girl  whom I wish  could be  more positive and make changes.

I love today , it's a great way to start my New  Year ...or  should I say  my new SAGA? just for the sake of sounding more sophisticated.

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