17 again.


I am not very much of a hair person, my hair are seldom kind to me.

Last year's birthday I perm my hair into big curls and just when everyone thought that I can never live without my big hair, flower clips and hair mousse, I prove them wrong.For few days I had been contemplating every time before I go to bed if I should or should not.
A bottle of my favourite shampoo per month is enough to make me break my brother’s piggy bank quietly back then :P let alone getting my hair mousse , berry hair conditioner etc...

Of course now I don’t need to break any banks as I am currently in good hands.

Walla! This is the hairstyle I had when I was 17 until I decided to keep it long just for a change. Obviously , in this weather where my scalp is constantly in a sauna and I had to wash them every end of the day just because it’s always too warm here it’s not a good idea for me to continue my battle with ‘Mr bad hair day’. One fine day while recovering from my constant cough, I make my mum take me to her hairdresser Anne. So I went ‘chop it baby’

... with that surprised face, she said ‘NO!’

Everyone at the salon were looking at me as they thought I must be insane.

I held her fingers in my right hand , looked into her eyes and said

‘I need this... just do it, please ’

Usually ,people who decided on changing their outlook name it plumping their lips with collagen or shaving their head like a particular popular singer who sang shave me baby one more time ...wants a closure, a fresh start , that symbolises our first step and to forget the past, obviously the past must be not so pleasant that was why we wanted to forget it at the first place.

Some of my memories in this few years aren’t all sweet as I had mentioned in previous post in case you have not read my nagging through that one yet... but not one minute that I have any regrets with the route that I had chosen, there were times that I buried my face into my pillow, , sat in the corner of my room‘s floor feeling devastated of how some people could be so cruel with their lies and deceived me with their sweet words I am not talking romance , it could also be business, work, friendship.

I am sure they had obtained material or emotional satisfaction for doing that to me. I am still the person I am and I don’t have any bitterness towards anyone because I am focus on my own life – my grandpa say that a thief can never live happily ever.

Being Othman’s daughter... we are both resilient and always go through our challenges in life with grace,

because I am ZA’s granddaughter I learnt to be good to others who are good to me.Stay away from people who hurt me and be honest at all time.

Because I am my mum’s daughter I chose to excel and challenge my ability despite of what is lack .

It was such a long road, now, at this junction I am making a right turn and carry on walking until I see another junction again. But for sure, this route that I take will be as bumpy or even worse but at least I am prepared.

If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes.

As I said... my new year starts now , I making it better than 2009 despite some horoscope thing that had been sending me their offer through my email and said that I’ll be dead(luck-wise) next year.

Looking at my own face while Anne was cutting my hair, I realized that I look better when I smile. This is what I want a short hair that is easy to keep up with my busy work schedule.

Anne gave me back my long ponytail that she had cut off earlier, I buried it deep...

Came back into my house and drank a fruit juice from the bottle and on the label it says “refreshed’. I am indeed!

Before I go...

Congratulations to Anita Bora for her wedding .I feel so happy for her and husband..

If I don’t see you until Crimbo....

Have a wonderful Christmas!