Monday, 30 November 2009

Time Management

November is always a month that is filled with surprises and this year's aren't that much difference.

I know I had been really bad with updating my blog , that is because after Milan and Venice, I had a mild case of bronchitis (cough ,cough non stop).I am better now and ready to kick off again with busy schedules.

Talk about schedule of mine... the truth is I am always very busy lately, as a Corporate Chef with a World class  Italian  company who is in charge of activities in Asia, my time is limited for my hobbies and loved ones and that is why I have to say Sayonara,selamat tinggal, au revoir to my column 'Salam Chef Azura' at SAJI food magazine .A Malay language magazine by Utusan.

They always say, the 2 hardest things to say in life are
'Hello' at the beginning and 'Goodbye' at the end. That is how I feel but , With average of 4 countries to visit every month promoting Orveds sous vide cooking system( a brilliant yet accurate method of cooking), I constantly deals with Big players in my industry,businessmen and food techs and that requires a lot of time and knowledge.When I come back home I got paperworks AND a column, a book to take care of and restaurant consulting as well.To be honest, how busy I am...Let me tell you, I already know my schedule up to June 2010! SO I hope those who had sent me e mails won't be asking why I stopped writing .Thank You so much for your support of Salam Chef Azura and as a new writer nothing means more than your mails and comments.

Bigger picture coming 2010

When I was about to put my pen down, I remember about the call I received from The Editor of a reknown International Food magazine who had approached me to write after, few mails and phone calls after our first talk, I have decided to only write again next year once my schedule has calm down.I know I should not give up and put my love towards writing away.

My mum is smiling at the moment...I know mum, I just can't forget my first love and no matter where I go and what I do, I will always write, just like is an insatiable lust of mine.

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