Somewhere only we know

I finally could steal some time to actually write something on here.As usual life have been very busy and last week I had made one of the biggest purchase in my life.I realized that I need to update Sayangku Azura more often...sigh... too many to do, so little time.

Many things are new such as my brothers new blanket that mum made,new revelations, new computer, new hair :).These were the things that I blogged about before,now that this is being less personal and more general, I have less to complain about life or society.I have come to realized if this world will take innocent victim like me and bring it down from time to all means, do so, while I carry on doing my own thing.
History does not repeat itself but it does rhyme
And when it rhymes, will it take it with me together again?

I think I am a much wiser woman now.
Only time will tell...I guess.