giving you my Seoul

I am at my happiest at the moment.Since one year ago I am blessed with so many good things.Recently I had said something not very nice... I said if life is like a box of chocolate then I must have had chosen a bitter one when it is not entirely true.I am now willing to admit that despite some bitterness my life is sweeter than it had ever been.Alhamdulilah and thank you so much to all of my friends for supporting me and being with me through my good and bad times.i do indeed feel loved and not alone.

I was in Hong Kong recently , I was there for proffesional purposes , but despite that I had a great time meeting people from the same industry , nothing to complain really.My host and his family are the nicest people and I know this might sounds odd but i do miss them already and I am looking forward for future ventures with them!

My heart and Seoul

I am in love with Seoul, it is such a nice place to be in,great people , place and food.Especially when you are staying at a nice hotel who think about every little details .

Life is GOOD