Monday, 31 August 2009

I will try to update regularly

MY national flower-The hibiscus

My life lately have been very busy,running up and down and mostly work and planning for my holiday.

The other evevning, Me and my beloved friend Mariana went to Nando's at Pavilion for break fast I should have guessed that they scooped my side dishes early because I had stomach ache and had been going to the loo and puking my body out non stop since that midnight.Thank Nando's delicious peri-peri, you almost killed me.

Today is Malaysia's independence day, and after 52 nd years of earning this independence, I think we have come to be a Strong Nation despite all the challenges and threats.Where else in the world I can have My Darsin, My Yeoh and me sitting together sipping teh tarik( frothy tea with milk) while making fun of each other and not take it personally.

United colours of Malaysia.

For those who wants to breaks us apart, here is A ringgit for you... go get yourself a LIFE.

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