Salam Chef Azura

This is the prove that anyone can be what they want to be , this is the first edition of my column in SAJI Malaysia's renown food magazine .This is only a step toward my dream of food writing.'Azura the food columnist!' how chic is that?!!

I will be cooking exclusively in front of Robinson's card members at Robinson's Gardens at Midvalley on Thursday 30 July and the finale cooking concert on the 1st of August

Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue, and the dream that you dare to dream really do come true...

I have always love clowns.

Fun , Messy Sunday
My beloved best friend Darsin , Matt and Me at the popular Sunday brunch at The Westin beef cheeks,risotto and all the pastas are my favorite. How I had missed them all since I met them in Bahrain last April , I am glad they came to visit...
I know I will cry the day they leave and hoping to see them again real soon.

What will you get when you invite your friend a foodie who is doing his Phd to come and snap your pictures in the kitchen?
Thanks Faizal , pictures turned out really well and you are a really talented one.

I am gonna miss Ursula ,She is Matt's wife these two they are like the coolest couple!I adore her for being this beautiful person inside and out and funny.

After brunch , I went home and get some sleep and Kentucky Fred Chicken, but after 3 hours we went out again to have a lovely seafood dinner!I don't even put my makeup on.

Have you been to Angkor Wat?
And Me and Nik another Chef friend of mine, who came over from Siam Reap went for a drink after a lush Indian dinner at Aryan , I love their fish biryani after 3 years of eating there , I still love their food and Arul my favorite service guy.

Nik had a headache after talking for 2 hours with me, Reny just pretend to listen to me with a smile...

last but not least ... get a copy of SAJI, my column is called Salam Chef Azura and it is on page 58 and 59.
Drop by at Robinson's either on the 30th at 6
or on the 1st which is on Satuday and the same time too.
Good things comes to those who waits and work hard.
I am glad I did both.


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AzAzura said…
Thanks for your 3 rd comment.But i have to skip that . cheers