Saturday, 4 July 2009

For the love of Yvonne

It was an early party for Yvonne 's birthday, and I as the planner had a great time and happy to see Yvonne and her lovely girlies had a great time too.It was a cooking party and we made thai green curry from scratch with loads of green chillies!
I think the world of Yvonne she is among the sweetest girl I have ever known.Thanks for the good time my friend !

Theme -Tropical Queen everybody has to be in Sarong
Food -Indo chine- Thai green curry ,Vietnamese vermicellli salad , brown rice with pandanus and pumpkin custard.

beverages-from bubbly to soy milk.
Entertainment-Some Michael jackson while preparing the party and impromptu fashion show after meal.

Gorgeous Yvonne with her expensive sarong from Bali

Our table settings looks like the dishes emerge from the leaves, see, like a flower emerge through a plant and during that time the flowers were green Curry and vietnamese vermicelli salad,Yvonne and I set the table and it looked LOVELY!

my lunch for that day, it was heavy, my masala lamb shank.

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