Monday, 20 July 2009

Cooking madness

I had the busiest week with cooking classes and gigs going on all week.
With new product to play around with and more classes coming up I have nothing but work on my mind.
This week will also be another set of busy days. Darsin my good friend who lives in Bahrain now is back in town and his gang will follow later and Mariana will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow! yay!another year older and another wiser.Happy birthday darling and have a great one!I can't wait to see you over the weekend !
On last Sunday , Nazreen who went to school with me for a bit before I left when i was 13 came over to the class for the second time, we made Indian cuisine this time.She and her mum and her husband plus me had a great time cooking Palak Paneer with the paneer of course! Butter chicken , pilaf rice and sugee halwa and Auntie ended up buying pots and pans!
Thank You so much Nazreen for coming and for the 'talk' and the madness!

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