Saturday, 13 June 2009

While sipping my chocolate milk...

Azura IS the weekend( a working weekend that is)

Here comes the weekend again!I am staying in tonight as I got to finish my menu and be prepared for tomorrow's demonstration.Life is good at the moment as you can read apart from few hiccups and few stumbling upon stupid people but comparing to my life 2 years ago this this bunch of stupid people are nothing! , yesterday afternoon staying at home all day I had decided to read my old posts and I think I am a much positive person today , I wake up to something great almost everyday and I am free to make my own decision.I am Azura, I can be weak but I also can be strong! Anyway no more mushy doody sad song ,I am looking forward to a brand new week in hazy Kuala Lumpur , oh my god why everytime they want to replant something , they have to burn the whole plantation ? this is really annoying .Now I feel like hugging some trees again.
Whatever the week will bring , I know it won't be boring especially with parties and my friends around they are always up to something and up for loads of giggles, I just need to think to which restaurant are we going to this time , my favourite Indonesian - gulai tunjang place ain't that bad really followed by drinks at our favourite place.
Till we meet honeys who will be leaving me :(
For special someone ,3 weeks is such a long time and I will definitely miss you,have a great time in America , I can't wait to see them pictures of Elvis in Vegas and party places in Miami.

For Malar my beloved neighbour,we will miss you , I hope that we will still go for our vegetarian dinner together even after you move to your new place .

Welcome to a brand new week...bring it on!

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Angel said...

the cute cakes looks yummy!!!! glad that you are really enjoying life ......

this is a special delivery btw ......