Get yourself a copy of Saji , A Malaysian food Magazine and you will find someone who looks familiar and that is Me, you will also find my recipes there, I contributed carrot thyme loaf and cumin bread for Saji's readers July edition.
I just had some fried noodles that my mum made and it was lovely,it is my rest day now so what else is there to do apart from eat , sleep and.. eat,sleep. Might be going to my friend's new outlet that sells Pizza but I think I have to postpone that to a later date as it is raining heavily outside.
This week, I had few invitations from ________ association of Malaysia but to be honest I cannot be bothered to go as I know what to expect ,I don't mean to put the essence of negativity but hell,can't be bothered... really.
On the other hand...

I can't wait - to see Mariana again hopefully I can meet her next week ,To see Darsin when he comes home for holiday and Matt whom I met in Bahrain to come here with his wife.Sweet ... can't wait for July!
Now off to my comfy bed again... yawn


lupie said…
Oh god! You are a famous lupie in Malaysia! (I am just a silly one!)
Very pleased to bump into your blog!