Saturday, 6 June 2009

I am Krob...Tab Tim Krob - Bangkok Episode 2

My last dinner in Bangkok at the airport

Will you wait for me Siam Paragon? , you are just a brilliant shopping mall and I will BE BACK!

I had a busy tiring week and this weekend with a bad throat, I am trying to relax and get some rest.I had a great time on Friday with my students from Saudi ,apart from baking, kneading and piping, we talked about ideas and women issues.I am glad that I am booked for this group again next week and to be honest this (baking class) is one of the classes that I really enjoy.
At this moment I have so many things in my head , sometimes I wish that my head don't work too much asking complex questions... but being me , I just can't help it.

I miss those days when I was in Dubai recently , I miss walking down busy streets in Bangkok too.with so much places and an individual that I miss so , so much I am trapped again with questions that only fate and time has the answers .but because my heart does not lie, this feeling is all I ever need to keep me motivated.
So next week ,again! my agenda is full , and I do get tired from time to time, but I know with regular sips of my arabica coffee and you in heart to accompany me throughout the days I know everything will be great in the future and we will see each other soon.

Should I say book me early before I got out of order/stock ?

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