Boom bang Bangkok episode 1

She looks very familiar


Khao San


Floots! as I was told by the Thai salesgirl

While I had my balls , as in fishballs...I enjoy this view of ladies doing aerobics in the middle of the city, cool !

I like this driver, he talks...a lot and he let us watch some pat pong on his mini tele

What was supposed to be a work visit turned out to be a successful work visit!Now I know why the guys likes to go to Bangkok , obviously not shopping like me , but by now it is all well understood ha, ha!

What I can say about the food industry in Bangkok through my personal observation is that they are far beyond my own industry in Malaysia, again this is my personal view .From packaging , taste and variety I gave them 10 out of 10.

The last time I was there ,I remember I still had my "reebok pump" on circa 1990.Nowadays the cosmo is better than it was infrastructure-wise but somethings never change -tomyam , green mangoes and prawn fried rice!
I 'm glad with my entourage packed with Starred chef and businessman a.k.a my beloved bestfriends, our eyes were wide opened , impress with how advanced the food industry in Thailand are right now.

I also grab some ...ok,ok you got me !not some but many clothes and cosmetics at Boots that carries my favourite brand "Soap &Glory".I will definitely make another visit , but not so soon
I love you Bangkok, just like all the things that is in my life currently -you're simply amazing!


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