Monday, 11 May 2009

Parties and A parade

friends forever-since 1993, someof the picture taken from that night and from another theme party night ...I can't put it here, I did't realize it gets so errr... wild/much fun ?with only the girls.
Parade near my house after i stuffed myself with some pizzas with my mum and my little brother, i love parades...they are just fun

Thats where I am off to...fantasy island!

people mingling and talking at the cafe

Yellow cafe in Cenang beach Langkawi, say "sayangku azura" and you will get a special treat
Birthday boy trying to figure out how the camera works.happy Birthday yellow xx

Yay! while listening to "eres todo en mi" by Ana Gabriel and eating my rich chocolate pudding Iam typing this.

Today , I have a very good news , and this news is something that I had been longing to hear.A writing stint I always desire.

this few months are dedicate to all the parties i had been missing , the theme ones, the birthday ones , they are all great ,even when my back was killing me I still rock on and try to be positive and the result is YAY!

I love my friends they are a bunch of gorgeous people .xx