Tuesday, 5 May 2009

My heart don't lie

It has been a while that I don't write with my heart , even my story book aren't finish because at the time I don't feel like writing the finale as my inspiration had once ran dry.For those who had been reading me from the start till now they should have known what a topsy turvy one it had been in this past few years.
At one point I feel like it is too tiring and not worth the fight , the time when I stopped writing that was the time when I put a pause in my life and review it again , and now I have come to a conclusion that my heart and instict never lie to me.I am a happier now being me.I realized that the road forward will be as challenging as the path that I had taken before but somehow with you by my side I know I can handle it better this time.Like mama always say "Give yourself a chance" ,Im glad I had took all the chances and proved to myself that I can face those difficult task and I had confronted them all by myself.
I am all thankful now for being born into this world as Azura - a role that is not easy to play as it has no script,synopsis or manual, but Azura this season has got more smile on her face and spring in her step.I am indeed in love with all in my life at the moment, and my heart don't lie.


CiliQueen said...

That's my girl! Live your life the way you want it ...be happy being YOU ..challenges and obstacles are just ingredients in life ..miss you sweetie :)

Johnny Ong said...

good to see u back on blogging life