Throwing the dice ...again.

The truth is I love games , not as in playing sports, or flirting playing games with other's hearts but PC games .I love to download or buy Pc games and the recent one that I have on trial from yahoo is called Game of Life, it makes me ponder the concept of the game and how the designer were actually psychologically playing with my mind.If you have tried the game it is really a silly game revolves around turning the roulette wheel and driving your car to the destinations of choice given by the computer ,the car is actually your life and its baggages ...just like our snake ladder game where we throw the dices and move onwards.
During my rounds just now, i retired without any mortgage or debt , earning 110,000 per month (I was an athlete) , have 3 kids and settled in the countryside, in contrary to my self at the moment , I am learning what the developers of the game were trying to say ... this game of life is all in your hands...well, finger is more like it, one click your life would change , when things becomes really ugly all that you have to do is get up with confidence throw the dice or turn the roulette wheel in this case, and pray that you will win.
I know the trick now! it's all in my hands... good thinking Azura, a lesson I learnt from a computer game!