Me and the city

My class recently with brilliant-fun, fun,fun students

someone said to me yesterday... why have you abandoned your blog?I didn't realized that people actually read this, and to be honest I had been ultra busy lately with class and err parties .Few of my blogger friends had stopped blogging too for some reason and i wish that they will come back to the sphere if it wasn't for blogging at least for the friends and community.

I hurt my thumb yesterday and I was rushed to the hospital as my local clinic has no facility for my injuries after x-rays that took ages in the cold waiting room and dressing, I am today down with cold.

For better or for worse

Always listen to your mum , whoever who said it first is an ultra smart person , I realized that few years back I was busy with my illness and had spend less time for my friends, true friends who would be there for me , when Im good or when I am bad.My mum is the one who always ask me to keep in touch with old friends and now I know why, good people should stay in our heart and mind forever and not one second be forgotten .I am one of the luckiest in the world having my childhood friends around with me till today and now I am settled in Kuala Lumpur , what else will there be to stop us from having fun, just to quote my friend Janet when I said that we need to grow up, she replied "NO we don't!"(Yes Janet, let's just don't grow up!)and Mei who started this January's fun who is right now probably with her gloves and jumper and winter gear , walking in the snow cold London while I am enjoying the warm weather here.Thank you for the great time we had, you are still the same fun , loving and intelligent girl you were in 1993, when we first met.
We miss you already.
Loads of love,


Liudmila said…
I'm happy for you, Azura, don't blog, let it so, important is you are busy and happy in the real life. Maybe you have forgot it, but I said you once: you have not to think about the illness but to enjoy life as it is. REAL, non virtual life. You, remember, you were offended. But now you are happy. And this is what has the value. Be happy my dear!
Angel said…
looking gooddddddddddddd!!! ;)
Oooohhh, do let your hair down and stick a flower at the side.. you look gorgeous!! Soooooo exotik! :)
Anonymous said…
Looks like you're having fun darling Azura. I'm happy for you! Is that Jackie Chan attending your class? Kidding.. hehe.
The pictures of the ladies is grrrrr.... :-)