League of gentlemen, have a c*** dude!

Since I first stepped into a professional kitchen , I am aware of what i will be getting. but lately its not really the chauvinistic attitude or kitchen politicians that even back then I hardly encounter, my younger cooking days were always filled with fun learning experience and craziness.I am happy to still remain best friends with all of my comrades from college to hotel's kitchen until today.

Lately, since my cooking class have got some publicity and business are doing pretty well , I can't deny that few other chefs in Kuala Lumpur has started to play games with me.Please stop disturbing my life and stalking me.If you wish to have your own cooking class do it like any other men with cuck would do - a proper market survey and not copy me .I work my bum off all the time you should try that too.

Plagiarism of my food and ideas is still something I can understand at least i know Im good at what I am doing and my ideas are fiiinee' piece of thing unlike you who are dry on ideas.But I think I had enough of them playing games of trying to get to know me so they can copy everything I done including the way I talk , because that is a total crap and hell no! I am not gonna call you as my guest chef , try speak in English properly first and maybe get boobs too.
It's a male dominated profession, you're a male.Let's play the league of gentlemen and as we all know only luck , hard work and talent will get us somewhere.
Be a gentleman and stop being a bitch .May the best men win.


CiliQueen said…

Hope to meet you Azura ..*sigh* some day soon :)

stay cool & beautiful

Angel said…
shame on them!!!
Arya said…
Hi Azura, Happy valentine day, have a great this time with your family, friends who close to you and beloved peoples. Take a good care.