Thursday, 15 January 2009

The Empress's new clothes

At Dr Markiza's jam, I love that lady , her music and her charisma.

NOW, now...
This is one of the lesson learnt , go to a bar only when it start its operation time IF NOT, they might treat you like a princess and make you feel important enjoying the beautiful rooftop bar on the 38th floor and thats after you enjoyed your food on the 23 rd floor ,while enjoying the scenic view all by yourself and posse' as if you owned the building.

Twister' like smoke - cloud

I think I am addicted to having fun ,lately my life is filled with going out and out and out.I should have bring my little camera everywhere I go so that I my outings are least I would have some material for this blog(provided I can spare some time) and last week I had a great time hanging out with friends and my little brother and we had the opportunity to see my friend who is also a blogger Srikanth siva performing on a comedy night near my place and who would have thought that i love it so much! and I think I will continue to support those young stand up comedians in Malaysia.Since Sri is going back soon to Oxford where He is doing his postgraduate degree, I have to let him know that I think he is one talented person , I really enjoy the evening with him and his Mrs and friends.Just like him I am also pretty busy with my social and professional life ,and hardly have the time to be here apart from writing some little personal notes on facebook .

Have a safe trip Sri and Jodhie ,speak soon and see you in London this summer xxx

I also need to do some shopping done, I am literally running out of nice dresess to wear , and I know for someone who have 25 pair of black dresess I sound rather selfish but I think I need some other thing other than black I want to forget the dracula blacks that i often wear and do something like yellow, red, green, purple etc.I need loads of cash and loads of time to spare at the mall !!:(.So with me all whining and complaining my mother took me out to the twin tower just now and for those who didn't know which twin tower I am talking about , please look at the picture below, my beloved mum bought me not one but 3 pairs! one green ,one red and one white, That must be the reason why I can't stop smiling and my mum bought me some real pretty hair clips.I was about to ask for a pair of gingham wedges( as in shoe ) until my brother stopped me.

Petronas twin tower taken by my Florence based, Italian photographer friend Andrea when we were at Trader's Sky bar months ago(do you really think I could take a picture like that?)

Tonight is THE night
Later, I'll be out with Mei -little Miss perfect when we were in junior High...She is perfect to my eyes and she just came back from London for Chinese New year I can't wait to see her again and I am going to drag Mei into "chicken chilli fry" addiction at a little modest Indian restaurant...I tried that with my party going friends the first time and I dragged my brother into it as well, with some chappati or paratha trust me, at the first bite I was just controlling myself from asking the Indian cook to marry me, so let's pray that I can control myself tonight.

Chilli chicken fry , red dress , fuchsia glossy and chocolate milk rules!!!


Angel said...

oiiiiiiiiii sistah! long time no see or hear!!!

its GREAT to see you are enjoying life, and feeling happy! ;)

since we were born on the same date, i follow you shop the next time so your mom can buy me dresses too? can? hehehehe!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

So did you manage to control yourself or not!! LOL

Lorenzo said...

it's good to see you happy! Big Hugs!