Dangerously in love

yesterday morning I went to get some precious ingredient from my specialty supermarket, I have found that my idea , dream and something I had talked about with my brother has come true.Maybe it is not new to you guys , but for the first time i saw a girl walking while typing on her laptop, she walked and listens to her music with a headphone connected to her mac and she was literally typing with one hand holding her opened computer.Well i said to my brother on our way for our sushi dinner, that one of these days there will be a gadget that we can screw.strap up to our head or shoulder and it will be our laptop holder while we walking we type as stupid as It sounds not many people use tiny phones with Internet , maybe some like it big(screen) .
I myself has a very good relationship with my Dell laptop , I bloody love him , and would do anything for him , it is like my boyfriend now, well even my boyfriend didn't spend this much time on me, vice versa.I am online most of the time and it has taken so much space in my life.Even sometimes when I'm out I have to rush and come back to check on things like finishing my book , talking to friends, listening to music, online games and etc, that of course until I get myself an iphone one day , but no! I don't think so ,being the faithful girl I am , at the end of the day I will come back to my baby Dell and touch him all the time.I love you computer, I can't live without you.I really can't.

by the way I am of naming him something other than just- DELL any idea of suitable name?

NOTE( a very long one indeed): I have to say thanks for those love mails to me, asking me if I was OK , well I was tired and ill few days ago , but I am striving and will bounce back in no time , thanks for asking , very thoughtful.xoxo
and drum roll happy Birthday to my best friend Miss M , we went out recently and she bought me more presents(yes ! 2 presents!) for my birthday and that was 2 weeks ago , when honestly I think the best birthday present she could ever give was she coming back here and spending all her time and money for the air ticket just to spend time with me.I feel loved thanks a lot and don't teach your boyfriend to curse in this new language you are learning..not very nice miss M.With your cheekiness or not ... we all Love you !


waliz said…
what if u call him Dellie...? hehehe...i need a smaller laptop..my shoulder aching carrying it now...
tiffany said…
dear... hope u'r getting much better... maybe God just wanna test u lebey sikit in this holy month... but i'm sure u'r strong enuff to cope wt ur condition...

owh ya, bout the blog yg i prvtkan tu ye..?? ekceli ade sumthing happen and my bf asked me to change the address, and dalam proses tu lah i terpaksa prvtkan... but then i dah open balik blog ni for public, cume link aje yg berubah... my new link is http://eedasan.blogspot.com/
Hey yaaa.. I was browsing my old blog on Vomit After Vodka and noticed that you left me a comment sometime in June. Thank you for your kind words :)

I'm sorry to hear about the SLE but I do pray that you will live well! Keep blogging!