When a boy makes a girl cry

A friend from afar rung me today and told(whined) me how difficult women are and how He had just been yelled at by his new girlfriend . He got confused not realizing the importance of trust a.k.a calling her everyday. Me and him we have a total platonic relation and we shares many things and just for the record ,I am allowed to share this story and view of mine with the rest of you and I know my girls who are readint this will definitely agree with me.
I think most of the problems in a relationship starts with miscommunication, Woman like me ,in this era , we are pretty straightforward , just like to cut the fuss to avoid wasting our time. See... women like me have other things to do but of course will priorities her man first because He is always in her mind , well at least for me.

As for Matthew(not real name) his problems starts when he is being selfish and not calling this new girl that He is currently dating for a week.Why ? because working as a chef is taking his time , I know... I was there working my bum off, BUT for US girls we think that you are not interested anymore or even worse with some salt and pepper of fantasy we even imagine you with another girl doing your smooth suave move.Yes! we need to be suspicious when dealing with that particular species OR we simply just wants to know how is your day and listening to your beautiful masculine voice.

Girls needs assurance like that , but practically.logically speaking it's obvious you are not into us if you do not call, it simply means she is out of my mind -kapoosh , gone, boleh belah and after liking you, knowing or just suspecting that HURTS!And we would analyze if we did any mistakes or said anything wrong, that was pretty cruel to be honest, to leave someone with a big question mark on her head.

Blame MR Bell
It's the thought that counts and telephone can give a lot of problems, especially with this mobile phones,And girls, we really need to chill sometimes too , don't go hysterical and judgmental I know because I am like that ,It's best to give the slower species some times and space and a space ship .Phone calls are expensive and MEN they are heartless and selfish maybe we can try to be that heartless trick too sometimes!

Relationship and dating was meant to be easy , why you want to see him or her if it makes you unhappy? You see that person because he/she makes your heart beat faster, your world seems brighter and happier.Because you like her , why are you making her sad? gosh! now I am confuse!

I hope with one phone call filled with apology and explanation and maybe a delicious dinner ,since Matthew is helluva good Chef (I envy you)will smooth the kinks.I am hoping that tonight is the night when you both finds love and harmony between you both.I am off to bed to start a new week tomorrow hope that I don't have to work next weekend again with all this kueh and cake orders.Wish me a great week please,I need them after last week was mean to me.

Are phone calls really that important?
for me, it is a gesture to say "hey I am thinking of you too ".I know.. we women are so fragile.

*I am definitely not Doctor Love and Matthew(it's not his real name), you so owed me a night in Shoreditch when I come visit London.xxxx


It's a 1-week-old relationship, that's why she needs to be so attached with him. Hahahahaa if Matthew were to call day and night, she might complain he's too clingy.

I hope your friend would cook up something good to keep this relationship going. Otherwise, she's not worth it. Understanding plays a big role and Matthew should smell some from her :)
waliz said…
yes...i dont understand is it so difficult for them to make just a brief phone call eventhough they are very2 busy...sigh! and we are not talking about wanting a diamond here!