Rat and Squirrel

So many times mummy said to me- Azura darling,... this is how it is, tragic or not tragic ,this is your life stop whining and deal with it!I had been keeping it all to myself until last night when my mum came to my bed to give me a kiss goodnight.Yes, I am the 28 year old girl that her mum tuck in bed.

So I told her my problems and what people did to me. with the expectation she would go and beat the hell out of them.But I got the best advice ever and starting from today I am going to tell her everything romantic or non romatic, I always shares those with her , but I think I tend to keep the bad ones to myself knowing that it will hurt her and my brother even more .

I have to announce that my weekend starts today woo hoo! and this morning on the way to the supermarket I saw a squirrel and 2 dead rats.That was pretty scary.I wonder if that series of unfortunate events were the significant sign of something that might happen to my life.Superstitious or not, now I find those incident strange especially when a squirrel sort of walk along with you and mimic your walking... I mean when I paused the squirrel paused , and when I walk again it walks with me, until I was about to cross the road he climbed on the tree.
Since my weekend starts now ,I have to admit that I crave for some green tea ice cream and maybe some popcorn in a movie.But we will see if I will or not ctach a movie with my friends or maybe just catch up with some online games I got here.Looks like tomorrow its shopping mall day again and hopefully I will see my little squirrel again.

Wishing you guys a wonderful evening, out or in I am gonna make this evening a sweet one for me. xoxox


my blog said…
ha ah this is such a nice pic. rat look so funny

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