Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Negative vibe speaking( I need a bear hug)

Guess who is down with Lupus today?
Guess who is feeling ill and added her dosage of med?
Guess who have few rashes on her right cheek due to sun exposure?
Guess who is heartbroken in silence?
Guess who is chasing datelines?
Guess who wish that she is not here but somewhere else?


I am angry , I am confuse ,I am not well and I am hating today.Cant wait for the weekend to come as if it will make any difference.

Me needs loads of ice cubes in my bath tub .


Zen Chef said...

Take it easy Azura. One day at the time, that's all. I'm sure tomorrow will be better. I'm a little tired myself after working almost a month without a day off. Sometimes I wish I could find a nice white sand beach and just lay there drinking mojitoes. Haha. Wanna come with me? :-)

waliz said...

be strong babe...i'm sending the a big and warm bear hug from here just for u...hope to sun will shine on u today...:D

AzAzura said...

hay babes!I've not seen you for ages?!!mojitos sounds nice .I am living a day at a time now and yes take me with you please x

hey baby!Thanks for them huggies tighter please !mwah

AzAzura said...

Its always nice to have waliz and Zen on my blog xxxxx