My assets

I am not putting my staffs pictures here,They will know I have a blog!Therefore, I put a picture of some cute kids.

I can't say that I am a good employer , I can be unprofessional, we are too much of a family and I am the biggest sister who can do anything I like at work.I take care of my people at least that's what my mum said.My girl the other day said " gosh boss you are too soft and nice to me" , just imagine when you STAFF said that to you , means you are seriously mushy soft !

Today, I bumped upon my former cleaner , she worked for me 4-5 years ago back then. I think she treated me and family as if its her own, cleaning the restaurant , making sure everything was not stolen by other staffs, making sure that I had eaten etc.Many years had passed,I stopped doing the business due to my illness and left for England bladi blah , cut the long story short just now on the way for my evening stroll to my favourite shopping mall to get some nutella I bumped into her, and after talking for a bit ,she said how much she miss me and wish to work for me again she got this big personality and loudness you can hear from far away , when she talk about her past ...sometimes i think she was just making it up to make it more dramatic...honestly i shook my head every time I hear her stories wondering if it is real or some storyline of a soap opera.I wish I can make some space for her at work, its just that I have to sort her immigration status since she is Indonesian who's permit is about to go off soon , so we exchange numbers and guess what ? She gave me RM 20 as a gift for my Aidilfitri celebration that is coming soon which of course I refused to take, as I know RM20 is indeed a great amount of money , BUT the gesture touched my heart,Honestly... I was literally in tears as I said goodbye and gave her a big hug.

I am pretty lucky to have staffs and ex staffs who are not only
just work but take ownership of the business and tasks given.Of course they have their bitchy moments like leaving work early to get their hair done ,or late because of heavy partying the night before , but then again we are all human and have our own bitchy moments.I personally would like to apologise to few Sous and Executive Sous Chefs for troubles and dilemmas I had caused back then, I never said this all to them but I think my Christmas and Birthday cards kinda said that.

*I would like to wish My favourite Author whom I think is one of the most brilliant author in this world Dr Kassim Ahmad, happy Birthday today ."Happy Birthday Pak Kassim, semoga dipanjangkan umur dengan kesihatan yang baik."
*And of course my blogger friend the author of a brlliant blog that is Srikanth ,its his birthday tomorrow .have a great one!


Julie said…
It does sound like you are a nice boss! You do so many things....there is so much that you do in your life. I admire you for that!