I need some Sayang

Let me see how is my weekend going on , Monday was excellent, Tuesday so,so and Wednesday which is today hmmm... let me think.It is not OK , but I am keeping my optimism level at it's fullest.

I had just finished reading this book that I have always wanted to read , about a love story between a woman and her make believe invisible friend,Heart wrenching beautifully written tale.
It is called Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson and it is indeed a nice love story.If only everything will end up that perfect.
James Patterson wrote with his heart and I was in tears even at page 8!
After reading it , it feels so close to my heart and it is something every girl can relate too, well... every girl with an imaginary friend, I am lucky because I was an imaginative kid so I had 5 or maybe 6 friends who had tea parties with me.I forgot their names but how I wish they are with me now.Because they are a bunch of people who never hurt me ever.Yes ... I am not so- ok at the moment.

I don't know sometimes If I am taking my life too hard or people are being hard on me?.I feel that this world is filled with lies and people wearing mask.What I firstly thought was white is actually grey, and a streak of red I had spoken about,many entries before , They are actually just a streak of grey too pretending to be red.

When I was 16 someone I know told me that I have high expectations in life, and today I realized maybe a little bit.I think a little bit too much sometimes and I think the best place for me to live in is in heaven where everything is perfect and no one will ever hurt me.This world is a bad, bad place at least to me at this moment.

Heart ...they are like precious crystal and when it chips it is really hard to fix it.So friends who keep on asking me if I am doing alright in chaotic Kuala Lumpur?The answer is -This city where I was born is pretty mean to me.But what the heck, I live only once and I am not gonna let anything ruined my mood.Despite wiping this tears , I am thinking hell with it! Life goes on and leave those stupid people alone.I don't know where does this positive vibe coming from but I know I am happy about something and nothing and no one can ruin this for me.
As my friend fondly known as Yellow said - Azura STOP thinking! and carry on listening to that heart of yours.oh Uncle Yellow,... I am trying!


Angel said…
im gonna say it again, live life to the fullest babe, things happen for a reason, dont dwell on stuff, yeah maybe once in awhile it is good to reflect, but too much will make you sick, i wish you all the best things in life!

nahhh BEAR HUG! mwahhhh mwahhhh!