Me ,my nagging .... a blog

Starting from today, I will be very busy with finishing and touching up my first ever novel, and of course working and moving on with my life.My chest is so stuffy from being on the train just now.An hour on a train coach without air cond was terrible! hopefully KTM have fixed their aircond , because I was literally in a steam room just now plus the body odour from people who never showered,it gave me headache, I was in agony just now, but driving is totally not for me.I am afraid of driving especially in kuala Lumpur,where the drivers will eat this naive me alive

Me, my nagging...a blog is a series of thoughts in my mind that burst suddenly on my head during my almost 2 hours wait for a taxi in KL sentral.

1)Dirty toilets in malls-I understand if the gent's are dirty but for ladies? show some grace!!I can't believe sometimes,especially when those using it are the so called stylo ladies with inches of make ups on their faces.So to my friends who are reading this..Don't call me a snob when I insist on going to the Hilton to eat, the toilets there are clean and so does At Pavilion my favourite shopping mall

2)Public transportation-Why do I have to bargain on taxi prices when they are metered?WHY,WHY WHY? why does taxi drivers loves bashing politicians and people of other races?it's not nice and definitely not the type of conversation you would want to have with people you hardly know.And not the type of conversation I would want to debate or discuss about when I am tired.Pay some respect towards other maybe they don't share the same political view .

3)Why taxi driver at Pavilion/KL Plaza/Bukit Bintang Plaza/KLCC is asking me for RM 30 (approx £5) for a ride that's less than 7 minutes?That's why for those who are in Bukit Bintang, head straight for Sungai Wang's taxi stand and those in KLCC just at Isetan's entrance where they sell handbags and shoes just take an exit by Polo Boutique and get a taxi there and before you get in make sure they start the metre.I don't mind to tip but don't abuse consumerism that's like robbing a person in the broad daylight.

4)Drive safely and politely.Ok, I heard ones from a guy who is also a road bully in the making on how woman should not drive if they are not willing to drive(selfishly) like a man.My mother is one helluva great driver and I am not.My phobia towards driving started when I was 19 (not too long ago) ,just gettin my driving licence ,I went to my neighbourhood's Dunkin Donuts, in Plaza Damansara what happened was a stupid garbage truck got into one way street where I was driving through, and got the car door and my mum had to pay RM 600 just to touch up the scratch made by the garbage truck as I was young at the time and less fiery ,I didn't want to have an argument in a dark parking basement, that was the most expensive donut I ever had in my entire life.So basically from that day , I looked at male drivers(and maybe few percents of female ones) as bullies.I can't deal with them therefore not joining them on the street.

5)C'mon we are Malaysian , we are caring (or who am I bullshitting here?) when we see pregnant woman on the train can we please ,please let her sit down.I have Lupus and my knees are aching constantly but when I see a kid I just have no heart to let the kid stand so I ended up standing in pain while some laddo , just sit down enjoying his Ipod with his Fitness first Gym backpack ... you know just heading to the gym for a great workout.

6)When we go to the Supermarket, they have express lane for people who are paying for less than 10 items , be courteous towards others and... 11 is not 10, 13 packs of similar flavour of maggie me PLUS 16 more grocery items are not 10.Therefore people who carries basket just to get a bottle of coffee like me won't have to wait and Thanks to a brave cashier at Carrefour Mid Valley by the name of Nurul today , these people learnt their lesson , she was very professional just now.Kudos.

7)Speaking for other fellow Malaysians in regards of bajet popular - give use some real life changing -"new budget", apa ni? harga rokok and minyak naik tapi gaji tak naik, gaji minimum pun takde?old story new title.None of my friends paid less than 20 ringgit for their electricity bills, and my disabled friends had been receiving RM 150 allowance every month all this while , so it is not something new , announcing same old things every year is not cool.Again this ain't political,it's just a point of view from a young Malaysian who does not smoke or drives a car.

Not ignorant at all
8)Thanks Mr and Mrs Thava for the presents, they gave me not one but two prezzies!!! I love them , it's lovely going out last night(as usual).

Just had my mum's fish head curry and that was lovely.
Enough of my nagging.....
I am tired , had a very long day and now heading to the bath for a relaxing lavender bath with my own handmade ylang-ylang soap
my new passion on the block - soap making :o) .

At least this guy put a smile on my face.


Julie said…
Sounds like you have been busy! Writing a novel and soap making! It all sounds good to me!
waliz said…
good luck for your novel..hope i can read it one day...after a long list of complaints (thats my complaint too)i was surprised to see the picture and it put smile on my funny!

take care and hope u will be ok...:D
Srikanth Siva said…
hehe...the last pic made me laugh.
loved the photo of the guy sitting on the floor polisher ... (was that a floor polisher?) :-) hahah