Love & Loath ,Langkawi.

Malaysians loves Langkawi , the white sand, sun and the duty free shopping.I prefers Tioman rather than Langkawi , but when duty calls I go where I have to go .

Rented a car as it would make my life easier in Langkawi.The car was in a terrible state with gear changing making loud noises, fuel meter not working , no power steering etc, despite its shiny outlook,advice :check on the car before you pay any deposit and ask for a test drive if you can.To make it even worse on the morning where we were rushing to the airport the car broke down in the middle of literally a jungle!
this is the good part....
I rung Langkawi's police station to seek for help, as I was afraid and mind you my windows were opened as well and I can't put it up again as my mum could not start the car!at 6.37 am , I had started to ring the station for three times until the ringin sound went off THREE TIMES and nobody picks up.I got the number from the Langkawi tourist map and the number was 04 9666222.It was really dark with no presence with any human being except for Monkeys.So I decided to ring our national emergency number, thats 999 at approximately 6.40 am and the answer that i ve got was:
"You can dial 103 (which is the national directory) and call for a tow truck."
The issue is I dont need a bloody tow truck as I already had rung the company where I rented my car from.I just need policeman to come and stay with me before I am being attacked or robbed in this dark secluded place maybe if the road light are working I would not be so afraid !.Just got the petrol car to do that!I had been in the same situation and the policeman stayed with me unil help arrives, Crime prevention anyone? .

This pavement ...its feakin dusty in Pantai Cenang , I am not sure if they will do a proper walkway or its going to be left like this forever.That was very dusty.

Where is the book village now?No book sanymore?what a shame !nice buldings , no functions.

The loaf, I love the Salmon Quiche at The Loaf in Pavilion and after a long humid drive we decided to have a cuppa here and then we realized that it was actually our lunch .Yep I forgot to eat lunch, can you believe that?While there I went on checking some yacht, and hope that i will be able to puchase one.

Matahari malay restaurant , where I had a wonderful dinner, the staffs were very nice Shasha, Fauzy and Kim thanks for being so friendly and food was nice too.I love the ambience and I think ambience has becoming the topmost element nowadays in setting up a good restaurant.

Bard's restaurant called Telaga Arabic down Pantai Cenang (Cenang Beach) Where I had some fish briyani and it was delicious.I forgot to take any pictures because I was to busy talking and eating.great service and Thanks for dessert .xo

Beach life.

Some nice bulding , empty airport and goodbye Langkawi , See you in few weeks.


Srikanth Siva said…
nice coverage of langkawi! Havent been there in ages.
AzAzura said…
Its different everytome i go.