It's the thought that counts

As I had said I wasn't that thrilled for my birthday , but when the day hits me , I got many phone calls and text messages from allover the world .And my angel in England sent me a nice plant filled with cactus and I simply love it different from all these years where he sent me flowers like gorgeous roses and lillies(inter- flora loves him),in addition to diamond ring and necklace,camera,and all sorts of presents(xxxxxxx).I love it !, I love cactus ,I love plants and I love you.

To all my friends who had sent me text , messages on my emails, facebook, msn and cards, Phone calls -even my new friends in Langkawi rung ...What can I say, I am spoilt by your love!.I feel like my existence in this planet is appreciated.
Thank You ,I wish I can say party is over , but we are going out tomorrow to celebrate my birthday with friends who were not in KL yesterday and of course Miss M who is the champion ,coming back to Malaysia just for me as she got to work yesterday.

Many things had changed in this few years, but our friendship remains,friends forever?Yes indeed.

Lots of love


Srikanth Siva said…
u deserve the love.
arcibaldo said…
oh belated! ;-D