I love to go jalan -jalan

After paying my phone and Internet bills at the Telekom's office, My partner in crime who is my mother and I suddenly decided to head to The Central Market Kuala Lumpur .Central Market as usual is filled with people who were browsing and I and my mother have not been in there for ages.So, it is really nice to go again and see the changes that had been done by the new building management .This place is not far from Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown, and there are many artist displaying and selling their works name it little handmade souvenirs , T-shirts, printworks, potrait,silversmithing, memorabilia and antiques.... well, almost anything you can think of really!I got Jaz and Anji a little trinket case , something from the weaving shop and hope they will like it.Just going to wait for them to come back from their holiday and I will DHL it to these two beautiful girls.

While we were there, we found a little Cafe called "Malay tea house" and it is quite a place not only serving food but also Malay herbal beverages such as Tongkat Ali coffee (Tongkat Ali is said to be an aphrodisiac ?,I am not really sure) and all sorts of Malay herbal teas.But most of all the guy who served us was really kind ,I said I will bring my friend there yesterday , but it was raining so heavily and we were stuck in my favourite mall having many rounds of coffees and ice creams and ended up having a meal while waiting for the rain to stop.These are some of the pictures taken the day before yesterday when I was at The Central Market Kuala Lumpur.Before we headed back home that day ,we dropped by at our florist nearby and got some beautiful lillies to put on our console table.

Arrays of potrait /caricature artistes

As we Malays eat with our hands, these little basin and water jug is used to rinse our hands before meal.

Products sold at The cafe

I know I said coffee, but I ended up eating A Nasi lemak and 2 types of desserts.ooopps..

Check out the red triangle dome on the table,its called "tudung saji" which means food cover , yes we covers our food with that.

*Jalan jalan means to go for a walk/browsing


Anonymous said…
waduh saya pernah belanja tuh di taman budaya
nice journey azura
Mohd Kamal said…
A best place to "lepak" a few years back. Now it's a 'port' to pick pocket & 'Kaki Pau'.
Anonymous said…
eh i like to jalan jalan too, we jalan jalan together gether? ;)
Michelle said…
Hey kiddo,
I've got an award waiting for you over at my site :)
Hugs to you
Srikanth Siva said…
Ah Central Market. What a place! Thanks for the pictures. Its been ages since I last went there.