I lost my glasses

I forgot to add to previous entry as I was busy earlier today.I lost my glasses in Langkawi, it was a gift from someone special, there goes another thousand ringgit to the bin ... arrggghhhh!!!


waliz said…
sorry to hear that azazura...but to think of it...i am sure u will replace it wth a new branded sunglasses soon...how about that? ok smile now...hehehe
Srikanth Siva said…
thousand ringgit??? thats so unfrugal!!
AzAzura said…
Oh Waliz babeyy!!I need a hug *sob*no money to buy designers anymore lah babes xx

i was once a dumb asian girl and very unfrugal too xx
RockParadise said…
aiyo glasses hilang?? that's sad =(
bluedreamer27 said…
oh dont worry about that as what they say.. when you lose something.. you will gain something ...right?
its nice to be here at your blog
and btw nice pics at your previous post huh
by the you might want to see who are those solo performers that gain much popularity as they leave their group of where they came from at my blog
hope to see you there
more power and God bless
AzAzura said…
Hilang lah and I paid like £200 for that I think... careless lah

Thanks at least this calmed me down a bit.