Thursday, 28 August 2008


I had a blast last night going out with my best friends and brother,it always nice to catch up with old friends especially when they flew over just to be with you.
great food , great time.This week so far makes me realized that I am indeed loved by people around me.Despite the tropic thunderstorm last night, we girls went out with our flip flops armed with umbrellas and ponchos , which reminds me of the time when me and Angel went to REM's concert years ago,and having to buy a poncho at £10 each, felt like the seller were slitting my neck at the time... but me , Angel,Su and D just carried on having a great time enjoying the concert in the rain,before Su puked outside the stadium(I am sorry Su I have to write that down!)
I can't believe that after so many years we are still like we were ,caring about each other so , so much and very protective of each other too!

Today, I made some stew for lunch and now waiting for my salmon for dinner to be ready.Hope it won't rain tonight as we are planning to be out again!with our stillettos this time of course.

My mum always say things and I always take it for granted just like I had treated other issues in my life."Treasure our friends especially when they are real friends",I was once that girl who thought that she don't need friends , she don't have friends... eventhough she knew it deep inside all this while that she has got GREAT friends who accept her as she is.Thank you for being my friend.


CiliQueen said...

I'm glad you had FUN sweetie...stay cool as ever yeah :)


Angel said...

glad that you had FUN! ;)