Curly Zu

When a man cut or change his hairstyle all that he got is a new look.For a girl when we got a new hairstyle, it come with attitude, new hair products and headache.
I, yesterday out of the blue went to get my hair curled at Ricky's and what I have now is a new attitude, snarl, smile and a slimmer looking face.Of course I need to go and get a super mask for my hair as it had been taking whole loads of abuse lately .They said smear some mayonnaise but I still believe in smelling good after washing my hair instead of smelling like eggs.

From wavy -smooth going all big and deliciously curly .I am happy with my new hairdo but I got scared if I go to sleep now, it will be flat and lost its bounce.

Happy so happy with my new look, I am not the boring goody two shoes Azura anymore.rarrr!