Sunday, 24 August 2008

Birthday chicas in the house

I have to write this quickly who would have thought that Monday can be such a hectic day ! sigh...Happy Birthday to Me and my darling blogger best friend, Miss Azra!Yes we indeed shares the same date of birth!no wonder we are crazy about each other! I got to know Azra through writing and of course I love reading her thoughts at this new place of hers >> Azra's blog , friendship knows no boundaries and places and who could have thought I would find girly bonding and friendship here !

Dear Azra ,Happy Birthday to you and me!!!!loads of love and speak soon.Thanks for always being here and supporting me and my blog Sayangku Azura
Lots of love


Angel said...

Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy darlin!
Hope u have a blast! xo

LFA said...

Wishing you a rockin' birthday!!

best, Wick

Srikanth Siva said...

happy bday!!!!!! hope u do have a blast....dont go out and splurge on something though :)

Dimitris said...

Happy birthday Azura. Your friend Dimitris.

waliz said...

happy birthday sweet 22 my dear (wink)..i didnt know azra shares the same b'day wth u..wht a surprise! thanks for the info...:D

CiliQueen said...

Happy Birthday sweetie :) be happy on your big day!


AzAzura said...

Thanks angel! and U too no matter where u were.xoxoxox

Thanks Wick.

Thank you and I won't splurge and use all the discount vouchers they gave me as prezzie.

Thanks and its nice to have you here!

thanks baby!xoxo

AeRiN cRyBaBy said...

selamat hari jadi azura...
tak sangka kita sama horoskop yek...moga dikurniakan kesihatan dan kebahagiaan dunia dan akhirat.