Finding my way back home.

As I said it so many times, I am in the middle of writing my first book.I was raised in a library , when my late father died ,we gave away half of our books collection but now we still have a lot.But my book now is still being pre-edited by me after so many turmoils this few weeks I am finally back on track, found back my dreams and magic
My product now is still unfinished though.

I am not one of those smart writer.
I adore Robert Louis Stevenson, and I even see myself being like him , having a chronic disease and living on an island(I'm still dreaming of that) .The younger me would look at the swing outside my house and read his poem "the swing" and reading Dr Jekyll and Miss Hyde, and turning into Miss Hyde lately.
How about Jane Austen?... I know I loath her works when I was younger, but as I grow up and seems more interested in topics such as romance and boys (wink)I find those novels are fantastic, I wish I can portray a scenic scene of English countrysides like she did , a good story teller and very romantic too, She had corrupted the 19 year old me into believing that the gorgeous, eloquent Mr Darcy exist ,Oh Mr Darcy...

I grew up in houses far from other people back then, Once a week my mother would take us to a bookstore where we can pick anything we want to read for the week.I would say Enid Blyton,Nancy Drew,Rudyard Kipling's books were my favourite , they filled my childhood with so much adventures and joy .

Mum's wish
My mother often talk about this author, He had gone through a lot in his life
and my mother recalls her childhood reading his works and befriending his daughter.
"if you want to be a proper writer Azura, you ve got to read his works" said my mum.
Since most of his works are not in the market at this moment,and looking for his recent memoir was a hard task , they only had 2 in MPH Bukit Bintang and thanks to the customer service officer they managed to locate the book and that was the last piece!We were allover to look for it and finally managed to get hold of it.At the moment, we are taking turns to read it and I am like forcing my mum to read it faster as now Reza my younger brother wants it too.I had never read anything as brilliant as this ,My parents have a lot of "thinking" books . My mother , she still have a good collection of fine books in our house now, but as usual I am more into emotions and not into ideological, intellectual thinking , I think you all already know this by now ! This guy is a genius and just reading the ten first pages makes me crave to read it more.For Malaysian friends of mine ,check out this book by A great Malaysian writer , thinker -Kasim Ahmad's Mencari Jalan Pulang.I can't wait to finish this one and I am smitten with the authors words and poems. I hope he will write more books for us to read.

My wish
This is one of the missions I have in my life, to get published and let the country read my story, its among the hardest mission to accomplish so far since someone is not good with deadlines, but success is sweet and just like my other missions in life such as my business empire,good health and finding my Mr Darcy, I am working on it... somehow isn't that why were here at the first place? despite all this challenges I somehow know that I will get there.Pray for me , will you?

xoxo Az


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Srikanth Siva said…
wow....let me know. Will buy ur book when its out :)
Srikanth Siva said…
Hey the author has a blog lah....if its the right person:
AzAzura said…
Hey there my friend,
of course he has a blog lah..:)tengoklah siapa comment kat situ xoxo
Anonymous said…
hey, i hope and pray it'll be out one day, and then you i can get an autographed copy of the book? ;)

well done babe, i know its not ready yet, but you are getting there, hope all is well......xo
AzAzura said…
Oh darling Azra , definitely!
yep! thanks everything is well here xoxo