Shallow shame on you

When I was at the Ice bar drinking mango juice in a glass made of ice.It has got nothing to do with what is below.


"The type of Asian women that white men consider hot are the Asian women who bleach their hair (like white women)to a reddish blonde or dark ash blonde color, get boob enhancements (usually), get eyelid surgery (to resemble white eyes), other surgeries (like nose, cheekbones - to mimic whites), and wear lots of makeup (Hollywood).
Also, Asian women resort to fake eyelashes to make their sparse lashes seem fuller like some Mediterranean women with lots of hairy lashes.
Of course, white women do these enhancements, too, but they don't try to change their ethnicity like Asians do.
More natural-looking Asian women really aren't considered hot by white men. It's only the Asian women who try to look white that are regarded as hot, but at that point, it's merely the copying of the white image or the pursuit of the white image that white men find so hot". -Mr Hawk

I found the statement above made in a forum while I was googling for -"Asian women in business forum" about a year ago,they are plenty more shallow comments that I found a bit funny but insulting, since then, I wanted to speak about this statement made by a very opinionated "Mr Hawk ".Most of the times I escape from talking about issues such as this,I even find it weird to say white or black in this context. Since my first time setting foot in the western land as a toddler , a high school student going through Uni and yaddi yadda., none of my Caucasian friends ever make me feel offended or making any Asian jokes ,I think simply because they are well educated and came from good backgrounds.

Though in my own country not too long ago,while chatting with some Caucasian girls who dare to look down on Malay girls by making real stupid remarks like the whitening cream booming sales in Asia and of course the jokes about we Asian would lick their a** if they asked us too.This came from sober girls whom don't even spell the word -college or fabulous correctly.I would like to blame it on SPG's but since they are also my sistah" I am talking gender here, not colour.I need to say something that was well hidden in my heart

1)Asian girls are after white guys money:NOT TRUE
Please take note that girls with any race could be after caucasian guys money.Gold diggers doesn,t have a uniform or tag.Some of my Malay girlfriends in an interracial relationships are smart and some even has a postgraduate degree and made good money and even gave money to their Mat salleh friends.Oh yea, how about caucasian girls who's after my rich friends and relatives with prestigious forenames?

2)Those guys who has an asian girlfriend are rejects of the caucasian girls.
Sooo... not true .

3)Asian girls likes to look like Caucasian girls - trying to look white with our whitening creams and all.With all the biatchness intonation, "Oh you poor asian girls.. look at the whitening creams on the shelves , trying so hard to be like us"
I used fair and lovely(for 15 years now) a famous whitening cream that's ayurvedic and it does great job with keeping skin all soft , supple and clear thanks to the turmeric in it and unlike other lotions , it's not greasy at all and it is darn cheap, like RM4 per tub.
what's with you caucasian girls trying to look tanned like us and buying all those self tanners and spending your money on sunbeds?
NOTE:We, woman can never be happy with how we look and why can't those girls the other day said that instead of making rude remarks?

4)Asian girls worship & bow to our caucasian man and their caucasian friends.I gave this straight to their face, No! that's not true I just given it to your face didn't I , *Go back to school!I do kickass and kickoff sometimes, I was in the debate team in school.

Black , white or blue once you are my friend, we are friends forever.
But, above all *I don't think she and her friend are smart .This is 2008 ,come one!! update yourself, when it comes to race and ethnicity.. I chose to be colour blind.

Last but not least... remember

1)eventhough you are *not so smart it doesn't gave you the right to insult other people
2)It's best to keep your mouth shut rather than showing off your *not so smart -ness
(my mum ask me not to label people as stupid* , it's not nice)
3)if you don't like us Malay girls antics, why do you take all the trouble to come and stay here.You have another option if you don't like us,... leave.


for those who still do not know what SPG is

Sarong Party Girl (also known as SPG or Singapore Party Girl) is a derogatory term used in Singapore and (to a lesser extent) in Peninsular Malaysia.
It describes a local Asian woman who usually dresses and behaves in a provocative manner, and who exclusively dates and prefers white men because white men buys them drinks in bars.


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JesseTheCat said…
A wonderful post,it really is.I just had to Stumble it.Will be back later to read it again,have to dash off to quickly but I will be back !!
Keep it up,Az :)
CiliQueen said…
Well said!! ..anyway..if i may add hehe those orang putih girls do wrinkles fast than we asians...dats why those many face-liftings they did in old age lols...

Srikanth Siva said…
will a SPG girl go out with an asian guy with albino...interesting to ponder.
AzAzura said…
my sweet and saucy,
You are most welcome.

Busy as usual eh? you take care hun.

It must be the sun.LOL

That Albino should also have 5C's
Anonymous said…
shallow shallow dirty fellowwwwwwwwwwww!!! isk isk isk.........