Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Time for a new beginning

I got fed up with my life here in Kuala Lumpur.I can't say what I'm looking for but it is not this life I have in KL. I' ve been living here almost my entire life, I was born here.
I am slowly getting rid of some of my beloved antique/colonial furnitures,if any of you are interested just give a click on the right link on my supermarket, more things to come. Wait until I clear my study cum my walk- in closet , just deciding which one to keep and get rid of and telling myself that they are just furnitures and not to drop a single tears over beloved furnitures that I will never see again.Those have sentimental values in them but ,sentimental + me not a good combination ... I want to forget this place and start anew .


A Z R A said...

babe, sometimes, you need to click 'refresh' in life to get going......

waiting for more updates in the supermarket heheheheheheeh..... ;)

waliz said...

agree wth azra...seen the lounge chairs..wish i hve rm to buy it...i'm still surviving in my half paid salary..maybe till december...sigh!

rizhan said...

hye.....u seem a bit upset recently....anything i can do for you azura? hows your SLE now?

JO said...

time for a new post??? haha.. XDXD

AzAzura said...

yes darling I am clicking refresh and will sure will let you know when i am off kapoosh from this stuffy city .

Don't worry darling, I have plenty of these.I hope you survive well ' coz I have to say it-petrol price hike and many things also goes up

Thank you , that is very sweet and kind of you to take noticed and ask.I don't know how to talk to you without having the whole blogsphere reading it.I am not well at the mo .

Jo@ hey sweetheart. some people don't have the spirit to update until now.