Taken at times when I miss you dearly

I am not well at this moment and oh yeah, my nose were bleeding again last night.My health is down and I have come to embrace it.. yay! no more denials or tears just green tea cheesecake that my brother just brought home, I love em' and I think I can finish the whole thing.Having a lazy weekend while finishing my first novel - that was what I wanted to do when I got back here last August.I think this cheesecake has make me super excited that I decided to clean the rubbish ' in my computer so ladies and gentlemen these are my visual rants...
And thanks to the fuel price , my plaquenil's price had also gone up.. I am on private health service too* , now I don't feel like going to see my Doctor knowing that I'll be poorer by at least RM500 sigh...now you know why I hate this disease.
*I am on private because I find the queue to see the government,(HUKM or HKL Selayang) specialist is loooong and I have to wait for weeks or months.With my rheumatologist now I ring him now I go see him 15 minutes later and besides, we understands each other (sometimes)

My mum made some gado-gado the other day and it was delicious

Airshow during King's birthday parade

Movenpick time!! at my favourite mall(do I have to say the name?yes pavilion) , have I told you that I 've been to Movenpick hotel in Dubai?.yes the movenpick icecream , now movenpick hotel. For me ,they made the best vanilla icecream

We, Malaysian women loves buying fabric.

That's dayabumi one of my favourite building and one of the earliest landmark for this city this is where the Central Post Office is located
and this reminds me to go and get my petrol rebate sorted.

That is one of my "taken at times when I feel blue" shot

At my friend's place, I thought" geez ' thats blue and red"hmm ...one of them "duh!" moments

Indian town Kuala lumpur a.k.a leboh Ampang where I get my supplies of Tamil and Hindi DVD's, semolina flour and funky stuff(not telling what it is)

St John's Institution a boys school not that far from where I am now.


Michelle said…
Hey girl,
I'm sorry your not feeling well. We will flare together my friend!! Thank you for asking about me. The best thing about this horrible disease is the wonderful friends I have made, you included chick.
Michelle (arimayasheart)
Anonymous said…
oii oii...what funky stuff eh? what what?? hehehehehe do tell.... ;)
Hannan said…
I always try not to read ur entry about ur sickness,
coz everytime I read the word "lupus" in ur blog , it teared my heart.

For what it worth , I have the upmost respect in u :)
Julie said…
There are some great photos of the city! I like the different colors!

I hope that you feel much better very, very soon!
Adry said…
nice pics... :)
waliz said…
i like the merc and yr mom's gado-gado..feel like asking u some...have u watch the latest Kamal Hasaan movie..i heard it was a bomb!
Liudmila said…
Very interesting fotos. I like this your post very much. I would be so happy if I could go with you in that shop!!! But I have now a new love, not sewing more: jewelry making. I lose my had for it.
AzAzura said…
Michelle@Hope you get better.xo

Azra@LOL fair and lovely lah xo


Julie@Thanks Hunny xo

Adry@Thank you

Waliz@he he yes gado -gado is really nice , u gotta come one day.Might get KH's DVD when it comes out.

I love making handmade jewelleries too, I do it with many medium , have you tried polymer?I might show you some of my works.xo
Gandhi Anwar said…
I like this one! Different view... dark, colourfull...

Wish u always get the best in years ahead...
Gandhi Anwar said…
aha! How can mt comment no publish here... Hm, something troub with my first comment here...

With warm
(Hug from me)