So happy for you!

I would like to share a blogger friend's happiness , Well, I heard he passed his exam... I should be addressing him as Doctor starting from now on ,(I already did anyway).I've always wanted to be a (Beautiful) Doctor when I was a child but that also comes with other dreams such as being a beautiful architect, a beautiful scientist, a beautiful teacher and a beautiful politician who saves the world from alien invasion, oh yeah, I once wanted to be a beautiful farmer too...For someone as greedy as me , I can't be a doctor because my ambition changed during my teen era,suddenly I wanted to be a chef and I took culinary in uni(that's after spending some time in Law school).

Dr Hannan the author of "definitely, maybe"just did it and I am so happy for him, I wish I could make my parent as proud as his and how I wish I could wear those white coat and having people calling me Dr Az ... and all the emergency room chaos ala ER(the TV series).My childhood friend is a Doctor now and she is always busy and she has got an in-house pager (very cool).

Well done Dr Hans, come back home , treat patients and please be a rheumatologist one day, So you can help me.


waliz said…
congratulations dr.hannan...i hope i dont have to see u in the hospital...hehehe
Thanks so much for checking out my blog and leaving a comment! It is so nice to hear from my readers!
Brittany E. said…
How sweet :) i'll add to the roll when I get a chance too :o)
Hannan said…
thanks a lot dear:)
appreciate this a lottt
terharuu niii