Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Love ,lust, greed

I love chocolate , I should have chocolate as part of my name, I love other non chocolate sweets too... gosh whats wrong with me?,I will never grow up .

Food I had yesterday.

Chocolate chip cookies from famous Amos,Rocky road muffin - that's very chocolatey,2 cadbury's chocolate bars,Kentucky Fried Chicken -I know what I said last time , but I still ate them yesterday, because I can,Fried noodles and Some Pineapple .I have to mention that I had few cups of hot chocolates too.

How am I feeling today..
My right lower abdomen hurts, I am afraid if it is my kidney, as lupus usually affect the kidneys. I am so ,so worry now.Because I'm worry I have some fried chicken and a cookie.

Gonna call my doctor now. Maybe I should really think before I eat.I have eating disorder, we call it "all I can eat syndrome".

I need help.I want to eat more sensibly :(


A Z R A said...

helloooo ms chocolateyyy, eat wisely ok, dont compromise on your health, hope you are doing well and fine, xo

Samantha said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Jazzy is short for JazzLyn.

Zen Chef said...

hey darling. Take good care of yourself.
Sorry if i haven't been visiting so much lately. Busy working too many projects at the same time. Going crazy here. hehe. Eat wisely. Health comes first. :-)

Srikanth Siva said...

hope the doctor finds u in good health. please update us.

Brittany E. said...

I'm sorry that your stomach hurts. Sometimes I'm just as bad, it sounds like you do what I do sometimes eat like a 4 yr old all day.

waliz said...

hey girl..some people said u r what u eat...but for me...u better eat when u can eat bcos when u couldnt eat, u cannot eat what u want to eat...confusing huh?
nahhhhhh...just wannna cheer u up lil' bit...take care!

Liudmila said...

Ah, this is a tragedy I don't know how to resolve too. Sweeties. I don't know if I eat something among them...