Thursday, 19 June 2008

Japanese green tea cheesecake,Saif Ali Khan and Akshaye khanna.

yes... nothing is relevant anymore!!

Ouuchh, my head hurts,My right eyeballs hurts.I know I should go for my eye check,I am so tired of seeing the doctor.It's too much work having this disease and I had been on my "whatever " mode since Monday.I am tired and now after a glass of milk I am itching ... is this my new allergy now?But honestly guys, I am feeling rather tired lately as in very, very tired.Just like before I was diagnosed with this disease and being stuffed with steroids

I ain't hirajuku, I am a matcha kasutera girl
Since Monday I had been having green tea cheesecake and I mean my beloved little brother bought it for me everyday from my favourite Japanese bakery, even now while I'm typing this I am having some hot chocolate and green tea cheesecake.But I had also been working out... hey,of course !I want to be pretty too after all I am a girl.But me and eating sensibly we never rhymes if I like something I can really eat it and after a while get bored of it.

Incredible India...
I just catched my favourite Bollywood actors in Race , yes it's a hindi movie and even the plot has few twist and turns ,I kinda enjoyed that as Saif Ali Khan,Akhsaye Khanna and Anil Kapoor is in it.Some people might laugh with my infatuation with hindi and tamil movies, but honestly I am not the kind of person who watch a movie to polish my intellectual skill or think hard .I am more of a laid back movie goer and watch movies that either makes me laugh or filled with beautiful people and nice scenery /cinematography.Few friends who had seen my DVD collections thought either I am someone with a very good taste or "what? you watch this?" but then again, those who think that I am less stylish they ended up borrowing my DVD without returning it after.This reminds me of this so called friend of mine, who had borrowed my "farewell my concubine" ,it's a lagendary Chinese movie with the late Leslie Cheung in it and my "Calmi Cuori Appasionati"with Florence,Italy as background, and Yutaka Takenouchi in it.Both were pricey and they are among my precious collection, and this particular person called "Tunku T" had misplaced it, , it had been a while, but, how can you borrow movies from someone and lost it? I went to the DVD shop and apparently they do not have those movies anymore .
Talk about some people you can't trust.

I 'm off to eat my piece of cake now and here is the trailer of my current favourite DVD.Oh, how I love those good looking actors.


waliz said...

how could they do that to u azazura? i know how u feel because if my things people take or borrow then they misplace it i will be very angry...i will keep thinking ab the missing things over and over....eiiii geramnya!

A Z R A said...

hmmmmm typical of some people, loves to borrow but never return, morale of the story, please be stingy from now on, i dont let people borrow my stuff anymore only to my closest ones!

u take care babe! xo

Srikanth Siva said...

My wife loves Saif Ali Khan. He was good in Hum tum.

Shantanu said...

Race was a big hit here in India. Unfortunately, Saif's next movie with this real-life girlfriend, Kareena, called Tashan, flopped badly.