Thanks so so much for all the morale support you all had given me, although I am still under this grey cloud at least I am pretty happy . I have to say that my condition got worse from day to day. I feel very tired and low ,i feel like I need 24 hours of sleep, and a shoulder to cry on.Just now I went to see some old friends and we had a good time just having chocolate and things.But before that i was followed by a stranger who insist on having my phone number an started giving me all this words of wisdom on how strangers become friends.He came so close that he started to freak me out.I swear I don't make any eye contact or provoked him in any way.I was just minding my own business.Lucky that Noel and Shirley my best friend who had also been like a little sister to me came to my rescue.And this guy have the guts to turn back and that was after I told the security in front of The Standard and Chartered Bank's booth in front of Lot 10.By the way, nasty bits aside,I am ok only tired and in desperate need of a holiday to chill and I really want to go to Jakarta and that is the capital of Indonesia.The food... think of all the soto , gado-gado,bakso and es campur that I could be having ! The night scenes are nice too.But...(I hate buts especially when it comes from me.)I can't until I get someone to run my cafe properly.
My dreams always had the elements of food and holidays in them , and now I am angry because I am not off anywhere and will not be for a while.
I want a job that pays me to go for holidays and stay at nice hotels and eat nice food(maybe some nice Spa treatments too).Please give me a ring if you find such post on an urgent basis.


doudy said…
If you find such post please send me a message :) I am very tired of working really consumed.....lately even the weekend I am so tired that I can't paint, go out, have fun or anything..... so yeap I want a job where I do nothing and get paid a big amount :)